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Smart choices for healthy eating..



Por editor • Postado em 14/05/2012

Consumo Seguro is here to alert consumers that good health begins with quality food, integrity and transparency.

And how about You ………

  • Do you know how to tell if the food you eat is good or bad?
  • Do you know what all the items of food labels mean?
  • Do you believe in all the information contained on package labels?
  • Do you think that all the information in the media (TV, newspapers, magazines, the internet..) about healthy food is good for you?
  • Have you ever felt uncomfortable eating a food that should be appropriate for your health problem?
  • Are you aware that various products said to be organic, diet or fat-free, may in the end be the villain when it comes to your disease?
  • You know what is inside a box of food, true or false?

Healthy eating begins with discovering how to eat intelligently, and to help you out, we have launched  Consumo Seguro.

Starting now, we will be constantly bringing you information about the doubts above, and much more!!!!


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