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Hypertension, when not appropriately treated and controlled, may lead to complications that affect other bodily organs and systems. A balanced and appropriate diet is fundamental. According to ANVISA guidelines, the recommended daily intake of sodium is 2400 mg.

Farinha de Arroz - 1kg EMBALAGEM EM PÉ (Copy)

Rice flour – Risovita

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Foto Polvilho 1kg site (Copy)

Sweet Polvilho – Manioc Starch – BEIJUBOM – 1 kg – YAMA

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massa-pronta-tapioca-500g (Copy)

Read Mass for Tapioca – BEIJUBOM – 500 g – YAMA

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embalagem Tapioca (Copy)

Ready Mass for Tapioca – BEIJUBOM – 1 kg – YAMA

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DEUSA_250g (1) (Copy)

Manioc Flour Biju – 250 g – Deusa

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DEUSA_500g (2) (Copy)

Manioc Flour Biju – 500 g – DEUSA

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foto DEUSA_1kg (Copy)

Manioc Flour Biju – 1 kg – Deusa

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IMAGEM NOVA EMBALAGEM- mirtilo desidratado (Copy)

Dehydrated Blueberries – No Added Sugars – Organic – Blessing

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Pre-Cooked and Frozen Green Soybeans – Veggie

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