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Learn more about Apple Juice – Possmann

By editor • Posted at 05/07/2016 • Categories: Releases

The Possmann, family business based in Frankfurt – Germany, was founded in 1881 by Philip Possmann and now is in its 4th generation.

The first official mention of the company can be found in the records of Emperor Karl the Great (about 799 A.D.).

The basis of the company are high quality apples, grown naturally and are carefully chosen to ensure the best flavor of their final products.

The apples grow without treatment, no chemicals on the fields and hills of central Germany. They mature only exposed to the sun’s nature, rain and wind and are harvested by local farmers.

Over time, the basic process for making juices not changed. However, the latest technology allows Possmann produce with higher efficiency and with greater consistency their products, for example by the newest equipment, which press the apples more smoothly, and thus produces fresh juice and more aromatic.

After receiving the apples, the fruit is carefully inspected and weighed. Only the best apples enter the processing chain for a thorough washing before being sent to manufacturing.

From the mill, the fresh wort is pumped into one of three presses, the juice of apple from the presses is filtered and then pumped to a temporary storage tank, the controller determines the delivery to be filtered and producing juice.

Nothing is wasted. Indeed, the remaining pulp is a valuable by-product which is used by farmers for feeding sheep and cattle during winters.

German health authorities have a well-deserved reputation for creating and enforcing quality standards considered the strictest in the world. To meet this challenge, the Possmann has passed from generation to generation this commitment to quality, and as a result, is regularly recognized and rewarded for their products.

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